Turfing and Lawn Care

From patching up tired-looking lawns right through to a complete re-turf, MK will ensure your garden's lawn looks immaculate come rain or shine.


We also provide a complete lawn care program for our clients, which aside the maintenance (edging, cutting, striping etc) includes a annual program comprising of weed & feed applications, scarifying and raking - to ensure all dead grass and thatch is removed and the grass can grow freely; as opposed to being restricted by weeds, moss and such-like.

Turfing re-lay off of stylish curved modern patio area 

Clearing, levelling and seeding

This client wanted their garden simplified and levelled so that a sharp terrace towards the back of the garden was minimised and the whole area seeded with amenity-grade seed.  

Front garden re-turf and border definition

After cutting off old turf, the ground was levelled to rid of the ski-jump like shape it had acquired.  The large shrubs in the left hand border were given prominance by arranging rocks outside of their base and shaping the edge of the lawn accordingly. Granite setts were used on the right side to give the drive a proper edge and prevent the grass from creeping onto it.

Rear garden returf

Large (1000m2) area preperation for re-turf

Long before any new turf can be laid, correct and thorough preparation of the land to be turfed is essential.  This garden was split roughly into two areas, in terms of work required.  Towards the back half of the garden numerous large trunk bases, rootballs and old roots from trees previously cut down had to be dealt with.  Excavation of root balls and inadequately ground-down tree stumps is a laborious and arduous process but the feeling you get when they finally come free is worth it!  Once we were happy that as much removal and disruption as possible had been achieved, the area was rotivated twice (width and length ways) to aeriate, de-compact and start the re-levelling of the soil. This area was then hand-racked with large landscaping rakes to create a finer tilth and rake back any large stones, metal, porcelain and rubble than was present.  


The other half of the garden (nearest the property) had once been a lawn (it was now 95% moss) and needed to be removed with a turf cutting machine before rotivation could begin.  57 wheelbarrow loads of moss were removed from the ex-lawn which pretty much filled an 8-yard skip!.  After rotivation and re-raking the ground was prepped and ready for turf.

Large (1000m2) area re-turf & design of beds

11 pallet-loads of turf in total were required to cover the garden's expanse. Starting farthest point away from the house and working back (so as not to disturbe the soil once layed), the turf was layed across-ways such that it created an instant stripped look!  Any trees and all edges encountered were cut round and shaped as we went, with a lot of curved borders but some stringline-straight edges thrown in for good measure and balance.  A border was created in the middle of an otherwise very large expanse of lawn to be planted up at a later date, breaking up the garden and creating a focus point for viewing from the property.

Landscaped lawn with sleeper edges

Client's tired looking lawn and edges needed replacing so we suggested using reclaimed oak railway sleepers and returfing over Norfolk Black topsoil to give instant effect and lasting nutrition.

The combination of dark brown sleepers and lush green grass really looks stunning, especially after levelling and layinbg the turfs up to the edge of the height of the sleepers for easy mowing in the future.  MK always thinking ahead for our clients!


Lawn Care

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