Tree Surgery & Pruning

MK very much like working with trees.  With 2 key members of the garden services team currently studying Arboriculture at Hadlow College in Tonbridge working towards their Certificate of Competence from the Royal Forestry Society, we are well placed to help you with all your pruning and surgery needs.


Whether it's renewal / rejuvination pruning of fruit trees in the winter, felling of dead and / or dangerous trees (to property / boundaries etc), removing branches for more light into gardens or undertaking a Visual Tree Assessment (VTA), for example, MK will undertake a professional, tidy and competitive job for you.

Partial (Oak) limb removal

The client wanted more light onto his new turfed lawn and iniatially wanted just the vertical part of the end of the oak limb removed.  However, after a visual assessment of the limb, MK decisded that a large area of wound wood could be dangerous in future further down the limb and the client took our advice to cut a bit further back.  Lucky we did as there was a significant cavity in ther limb which would have become very dangerous if left.  The limb was safely removed, the branch sneded and the wood disposed of sustainably.

Topping out large conifer hedge

Our client required that approximately 18 feet be taken from the top of his row of conifers, which really were starting to loom rather large and worry the client about the potential damage they could cause to his garden and neighbours' property.

Felling trees

Tree Pruning

Sometimes trees get a little big for their environments and need to be controlled correctly at the right time of year to minimise stress andf shock.  MK are skilled arborists and will do the right thing for your trees and environment.

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