3-tier planting terrace

Using a disused area of garden to create new interest is always exciting for us and our clients and proves that the limit to all landscaping is really just your imagination.  In this instance a large tree stump had to be removed along with a low, spralling shrub which had taken over the area, to make way for a new 3-tier planting terrace.  In amongst all the undergrowth and soil were a collection of large stones that had been swallowed up over the years, which were removed and stored ready to use for the terrace divisions later.  The ground was levelled somewhat and we added 2 tonnes of topsoil to ensure the terrace was graduated correctly and the shrubs to be planted at a later date were given enough nutrition from the previosly depleted soil.

Terracing of steep back garden

Several levels were created so the client could grow a range of plants, shrubs and trees in containers, whilst being able to relax in amoungst it all.  English chestnut posts provide the support and a central stairway was created bespoke. The terraces were levelled then finished using semi-permeable membrane underneath a bed of light coloured gravel.  A small retaining wall was built at the front nearest the house to prevent gravel spillage.

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