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MK love working with garden buildings of all descriptions.  When it comes to sheds, there's not much we don't do - whether it's refelting a shed roof that's become a bit worn or, rebuilding it to save the costs of a new one, putting up guttering and water butt collection systems or even building wooden framed or concrete bases for new buildings.


We can build sheds and summer houses from flat-packed kits, saving you money and even work with fancy childrens houses with gables.

Garden Office

Bespoke covered BBQ area incorporating decking surrounding solid floor with brick built surrounds to hold large wood-fired pizza oven (with flue through roof of covered area), large gas BBQ and fridge with worktop space.

Design & build mobility-scooter storage shed

Owing to a debilitating disease, our client decided it was time to plan for the future and have a mobility scooter shed built to safely and securely store up to 2 scooters in the future.  With off the shelf versions costing thousands of pounds,  MK took it upon themselves to design and build, from scratch, a high-quality, long-lasting, much cheaper alternative.  The plan involved removing a planter at the edge of the patio and extending the patio in to the garden border, so the scooter could just drive down the side passage way and straight into its new parking space.  Once the patio was extended and dried, the construction of the mobility building could commence using solid treated timber.  The building also had a solid wood roof covered with felt and electrical power points installed inside for the charging of the scooter's batteries.  Also, given as the buiding was to sit close to an existing pond, MK sloped the roof accordingly and installed guttering such that the water could flow straight into it.

Large games room base (6mx5m)

One of our largest garden building bases to date (such that it was constructed in 3 sections), our clients are having a high-end family games room installed at the bottom of their garden.  Think pool table, a bar and long summer evenings spent relaxing with friends and families.  It needed to be 6 metres X 5 metres and perfectly level so the pool balls didn't roll into the end pocket all by themselves.  No problem for MK - quality and reliability are our trademarks!

Supply & installation of quality shed

We can install and erect the shed/garden building of your choice or we can recommend tried and tested best solutions to fit all range of budgets.  Here's an example of a quality mid-entrance medium/large shed building.  We also made the bespoke base for the shed so that the building just overhung it on all sides, reducing the impact of future weather/water deterioration.


Quality shed

Wood store (1 Cord in size)

A Chislehurst client of MK has a fondness for all things wood.  Owning a wood stove and biomass boiler presently, the aim is to upgrade to a gasification boiler within the next 2 years to run all heating and hot water from wood.  These boilers can handle entire sections of tree trunks they are so large so MK was asked to build a wood store to keep enough wood seasoning for a year or so.  As tradition dictates, wood is sold in units called Cords 1.2m X 1.2m X 2.4m) so we build the wood store accordingly.  It has a featheredged-board sloping roof and sits about 4 inches off the ground to keep the rain off but to allow plenty of airflow around the wood to aid the seasoning process.

Arbour seat and high fencing design

A client's neighbour built a very large imposing building in their back garden to accomodate their parents.  It really was a bit of an eye sore and our clients wondered what could be done.  So MK recommended a high trellis be built ontop of the existing fence taking the height up 2 more foot in order that climbing plants could be grown to provide a nice natural screen.  We choose 

Campsis radicans - a fast-growing deciduous woody climber growing up to 10m, clinging by aerial roots with pinnate leaves and clusters of tubular-funnel-shaped bright red flowers in late summer or early autumn, and; Clematis montana var. grandiflora - a very vigorous large deciduous climber with trifoliate leaves. Single pure white flowers to 7cm across from late spring to early summer with occasional later flowers.

Furthermore, the client wanted a seating area facing away from the fence so they could relax facing away from the imposing view.  We chose a nice cosy arbour seat with trellis backing to grow some nice rambling roses over, which we sourced, to ensure a nice pleasant sensory area could be had.  

Shed builds

Large shed bases constructed

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