Large (250 ft) hedge cutting

A client has a lovely hedge that runs down the side of their property, measuring over 250ft.  Partly shared with the neighbour, MK was asked to face the hedge (both pavement and garden sides) and reduce the overal height by several feet, as it had been left for several years untouched.   The results were spectacular and the client extremely happy.  In fact we'll be returning twice a year from now on to ensure the hedge is kept just as well maintained all year round.

The same client also wanted MK to prune a rather large Cupressocyparis leylandii 'Golconda' hedge seperating the two properties at the bottom of the garden.  The extremely dense hedge meant we could safely use boards atop the hedge to stand on and prune - rather in the fashion of strimming.  All sides were also faced.

Hedge Planting

A client required a natural hedge to be planted for privacy purposes around two sides of the boundary of his large garden.  After discussion on requirements / aesthetics / spacing etc, we decided that 100 bareroot green beech trees be planted, spaced 20 inches apart, would suffice nicely.  So a wide 200 foot trench channel was dug, starting 18 inches in from the boundary fences.


In order to facilitate root growth and healthy and vigerous development of the trees in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way MK always recommend using Mycorrhizal funghi in place of any chemicals.  These friendly funghi help increase the plants nutritional uptake capacity by attaching themselves to the fine tip hairs of the root tips, they also provide extra stability by increasing the surface area of the root system in contact with the soil and generally help to fight against any nasty pathogens which may be in the surrounding soil.

Hedge Cutting

MK tackle hedges of all shapes and sizes.  With an excellent knowledge of various shrubs, hedges and pruning and training techniques, we'll get the best out of your garden.

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