MK provide and construct a range of fencing options.  Whether you're after traditional feather-edged boards or ornate pre-constructed panels, concrete posts and kick-boards or a more traditional wooden post divider, we are happy to work with your preferances and provide ideas if you're not sure.


We also work with non-manufactured fencing boundary options for something a bit special such as williow panels and actually growing traditional Kentish hedgerows for clients.  It really is something special, different and good for creating wildlife habitats for many creatures.

UPVC fence

Having never worked with large-scale UPVC fencing before, MK were admitedly a little dubious about a client's specific request for one around the side and back of her garden.  However, with MK's contacts & skilled installation techniques we were all very pleasantly surprised with the results.  Maintenance-free and height adjustable (agreed upon before installation) are just two of the benefits of this new-style fencing material.

White picket fence (1)

Owing to our prompt quotation, friendly manner and competitive pricing, MK was asked to make and erect a picket fence for a client in the lovely Farnborough Village for a cottage-style terrace house.

White picket fence (2)

A friend and neighbour of the white picket fence (1) in Farnborough Village was keen for MK to redesign and breath new life into the front of their lovely cottage-style property.  Up came the old brick flooring base, the old picket fence and in went a new picket fence, granite blocks forming a border between the garden soil and the new white decorative stones and a coral sandstone patio leading up to the front door.

Deer Fencing

One of MK's clients wanted a deer-proof fence erected to stop them coming onto the planter section of their beautiful garden and eating all the new shoots.  22 feet long, 6 foot high and buried a good 6 inches underground to prevent them gaining access underneath, the fence also included a bespoke gate made by MK to allow access to the fields and orchard beyond.

Chestnut 3-bar fence with morticed Chestnut posts

Client in a beautiful part of North Kent wanted out with the old hedge and in with a new rustic-style fencing option.

Morticed posts & featherboards

2 neighbours, 2 different fence styles

Featherboard panels, tree stump removal & block paver repairs

Close board fence, morticed posts & Arris rails

The fence we replaced here had not weakened and fallen over because it was so old but more due to the fact that each panel was so big and heavy - over 9 feet in length.  MK, in collaboration with the client, decided it would be much better to use 6 foot Arris rails to strengthen the fence and give it longevity.  Given the increase in the number of posts this entailed we chose wooden morticed posts which, we're sure you agree, give a really nice rustic finish both sides.

Ornate fencing & Railway Sleeper Planters

Featheredge boards and Arris rails

Panels, posts & kickboards

Willow panels

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