Artificial Turf

Sometimes, whether for inaccessibility, kids, poor light or just to have that green grass look all year round, artificial turf provides a good option for your garden.  Easy to clean, no maintenance and long lasting, it now comes in a range of realistic choices and finishes for your every situation. 

Dog-friendly artificial lawn

Nice-shaped front garden

A nice tidy, maintenance free area was required by this client to fit between the front flower/shrub borders and the drive way.  As you can see, if installed correctly, artificial turf can be used to fit any shape or size area.

Small, shady back garden

Surrounded by large coniferous trees courtesy of the neighbours which cut out the light, deplete the nutrients in the soil and create conditions ideal for moss, MK recommended artificial turf could work well in this small suburban garden.


In between planters

Front Garden

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