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Summer's here!

So get out and enjoy your garden - or else get us in so you can do just that!


At MK, we like to treat everyone equal and finish work (whatever it may be) knowing that we ourselves would be happy with it in our own gardens or on our own premises.  If that means putting in some extra time to get it to that level then that's where we derive our job satisfaction from and what keeps us driving forward.

Additional Commercial Services

Public and commercial green spaces

We handle planning permission procedures and are happy to oversee and manage the site.



Function, design and budget: three elements we always take into account when planning and landscaping your park areas.


Water gardens

Fountains, ponds or waterways: you name it, we build it.


Tree and plant care

As qualified arboriculturalists, your trees and plants will be in good hands with us.  From selection, planting, pruning, training & maintenance to aftercare.

MK's Garden Diary

Read our latest contribution to The Keston Parish & Village Magazine.

Serving clients in:

Keston, Blackheath, Farnborough, Chislehurst and surrounding local areas.

Recent projects

We're proud of our work and we like to document it photographically.


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